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Blue Team [Day 5] (3/3)
Day 5

Blue refuses to pay

Hero: W-what do you mean no? I'm h-huge, kid! Y-You really think you can b-beat me?

Blue notices a zipper on the Hero's costume 

((Current Candy: 10))

~What does Blue do now?~

(#1) Flex [Challenge]

(#2) Attempt to pull the zipper
(#3) Walk away

Green Team [Day 5] (3/3)
Day 5

Green searches the trash can...
He sees some interesting items in it!
Inside there's:

- A Pumped Pecs Fortune Card
[Doubles all Chest gains]

- A Muscle Suit Costume
[Arms +10%]
[Chest +10%]
[Legs +10%]
[Bulge +10%]

- A Bottle of Milk
[Chest +5]
[Bulge +5]

Green tries to quickly take something before anyone catches him...!

((Current Candy: 8))

~What one does Green take?~

(#1) Take the Fortune Card

(#2) Take the Costume

(#3) Take the Drink
Red Team [Day 5] (Waiting...)
Day 5

Red trains with Tiger~
The workout is more effective due to Red's costume!
<Arms, Chest, and Legs increased by 9 each!>

((Current Candy: 17))

Hey guys, I'm back ^^ everything will continue tonight~ we're getting close to the end
Blue Team [Day 5] Fortune Teller by paintedpaper
Blue Team [Day 5] Fortune Teller
Day 5

Blue enters the Fortune Teller's shop

Suta: Welcome... will the stars show us your destiny~?

~What does Blue want to do?~

(#0) Leave

(#1) Buy a card <-2 Candy>

(#2) Buy the Fortune Teller costume <-5 Candy>
[ Chest +5, Effect: Gets a random fortune or curse each day ]

(#3) Buy the Crystal Ball <-3 Candy>
[Stops a incoming attack during battle, but only once]



paintedpaper's Profile Picture

United States
*** I do not go by "paintedpaper" on any other site ***

<Not taking requests at the moment>

<Commissions are unavailable>
Hey guys, sorry for the lack of activity ^^; I'm back and working on a Halloween themed project!
I had a project planned for last Halloween, unfortunately I had to cancel it...
but this year I'm gonna try something different! 

It's interactive, and will require you guys to vote, just like The Experiment, but with a twist. It's difficult to explain, but it's sort of like a combination of a board game and rpg with some muscley fun of course :3

I'm still working on it, but I'm hoping to have it ready by October...
I've got a solid idea of what I want, I'm just working on getting the visuals together! Currently I'm designing some costumes, and I want to include a few from you guys~

You can submit your idea here:

Speaking of The Experiment... I'm sorry the final pages haven't been available, I was working on them when an error prevented me from saving them... since then, I didnt really feel like redrawing everything... But I'm going to get around to working on it after this project >_<;

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